KraftWalking in Nepal.

On October 17 the ”Green team” crossed one of the world’s greatest mountain passes Thorang-La at 5416 metres above sea level. This was achieved after starting the trek in Besi Sahar (820 m) on October 8. The Kraftwalking pole received a lot of great attention along the trail Annapurna Circuit.

There were numerous questions, interesting encounters and overall really positive reactions. The finishing point of the trek, the city of Jomsom (2713 m), was reached on October 18 with connecting helicopter transfer on the 19th of October, passing the famous Annapurna massif.

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Kraftwalking establishing in Nepal.

Mr Prem Dangol, the owner of Discover Himalayan Treks, one of the largest travel agencies organizing trekking trips and more in Nepal, will be responsible for marketing the new KraftWalking / KraftTrekking pole in Nepal.

Mr Dangol was very impressed by the potential of the new multipole. The agency has a professional network reaching worldwide, including Europe, Asia, the US, Australia and beyond.

Kraftwalking Systems AB and Mr Dangol have set the goal to start a common production within a near future.                                         Mr Prem Dangol on the picture.

Link to Mr P Dangol


Swedish hockey team, Skellefteå AIK,  is practicing with Kraftstaven

Therefore Skellefteå AIK chose Kraftstaven!

We started using KraftWalking, also named KraftstavenTM , during the summer of 2017. From our first session, we were pleasantly surprised by its comfort and response during training. It is very light and has a fantastic pendulum motion. That, combined with its unique grip, provides the flexibility to fit the specific demands relevant to the focus of your training. These properties make KraftWalking the tool that directly contributed in improving our performance.


The physical demands on hockey players have substantially increased in recent years. Besides being explosive, strong and agile, the players have to work at a very high tempo during the entire game, but also maintain consistency of performance during the whole season. This demands that the players have a high anaerobic as well as aerobic capacity. Ice hockey, being a sport that involves the entire body simultaneously, requires that strength and conditioning sessions must be designed to provide a similar whole body workout.


By using KraftWalking as part of our endurance and conditioning training, we have seen a positive effect on the work capacity of the players compared to previous seasons.


Stefan Thomson

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Skellefteå AIK

Also personal trainer for Charlotte Kalla, elitskier from Sweden

A new and inspiring pole for walking, trekking & training

  • A training tool with multiple ways of gripping the ergonomically shaped handle, which adds more training options.Choose your load, intensity and the body parts you wish to work on specifically.
  • Use the Kraft Walking pole in any terrain you would like – examples of popular terrains are in the streets, forest, hill and on the mountain.
  • Revolutionizing handle that can be used when working out in any terrain.
  • Stimulating and inspiring, when walking in the mountains you will see why this is an amazing and indispensable tool.


High grip

A high grip will make sure that you are using the entire muscle group in your back section, triceps while also contributing to your core stability.


Mid-range grip

Use this grip for the normal load, or if you need to rest from using the high grip. You are still using your back muscles, triceps and core section as a way of increasing stability and resisting the rotation that your body creates when swinging the poles.


Low grip

Use this grip when you want to decrease the load and instead increase the stride frequency and speed, while maintaining the same stride length with your legs.


Reverse & side-grip

 Because you are able to use multiple grips, you will be able to choose a certain angle that supports whatever activity you prefer. For example, when you are walking downhill you can choose to use the reverse grip since it suits itself perfectly to that type of walk.

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Increased aerobic load with a longer pole

  • A longer pole will involve the back muscles to a higher degree than a traditional pole, resulting in an overall increased efficiency.

  • Increases the length of your stride for both arms and legs

  • Increases your oxygen uptake which in turn boosts your conditioning capabilities

In a small experiment at GIH (The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, Stockholm), there was an indication of an 10% increase in oxygen uptake with the Kraft Walking-pole in comparison to a traditional Nordic Walking pole.

This picture is from another test at the University of Dalarna 2014. A scientific test on the treadmill showed the same result – by using the Kraft Walking-pole there was an increase in oxygen uptake.

Increased muscle strength in the core and upper body

  • A longer pole increases stride length and muscle work in the core and upper body.

  • The entire core section is working more efficiently with a longer pole. The push-off with a Kraft Walking pole is more powerful and will also make you put the opposite leg further out, resulting in a movement that creates two opposite forces that your core need to stabilize – thereby increasing muscle work in the core section.

  • It is the ergonomically shaped handle that makes it possible to use a longer pole while giving you multiple ways of gripping the handle, which puts load on your arms, shoulders, back and core section.

Produkter & Priser

Product and Pricing

Kraft Walking-Trekking gripping handle only

650 SEK
64 EUR
70 USD


Within Sweden: 56 SEK
Outside Sweden: please contact us for more info

Kraft Walking-Trekking handle grip including pole

850 SEK
83 EUR
91 USD

For shipping details please contact us and let us find an affordable solution

The Ski-pole – Kraftstaven

It all started with the skipole Kraftstaven for crosscountry skiing.

Take a look at the website for Kraftstaven

What length on the pole should you choose

The total length on the entire pole should be 0,75-0,78% of your total body length

Your height    Ski-pole entire length

190 cm        143 – 148 cm
185 cm        139 – 144 cm
180 cm        135 – 141 cm
175 cm         131 – 137 cm
170 cm         128 – 133 cm
165 cm         124 – 129 cm
160 cm         120 – 125 cm

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Please contact us if you have any questions or may wish to try the Kraft Walk-pole, or like to place an order.

Bo Lerner

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